Volume 2: This Week in Civic Tech/Open Data

Week 2 of my collection of interesting things happening around Civic Tech, Open Data and Open Government. Still working on the right formats, length and time frame. If you have suggestions please get in touch, would love to know your opinion.


How Americans Commute to Work

A few maps on how Americans commute to work.

Pollution risk for Chicago Neighborhoods

A static map created by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) which shows the Chicago neighborhoods most at risk from pollution.
Would love to see an interactive version of this, but for now there is only a static version.

The NRDC hopes its new research into municipal pollution can help organizers push for sound, equitable policy.


Los Angeles Homelessness By Land Use

A nice exploration by Civic Knowledge from San Diego into Los Angeles Homelessness.
> An exploration of the Los Angeles homelessness counts allocated to land use categories.


How Alex Honnold made ‘the ultimate climb’ - without a rope

Not a civic tech visualization but pretty darn impressive


Civic Tech/Community

‘Stop-and-frisk in a car:’ Elite LAPD unit disproportionately stopped black drivers, data show
Data story from the LA Times with some nice graphs
–> to the article

Entering Civic Tech: A Student’s Guide - Coding it Forward

Open Data/Government

Sam’s cellphone coverage maps are wrong 

The state of the Union of Open Data, Edition 3 — Data Foundation

How a Memphis dashboard saved the city 26 analyst hours a month in this interview with Deputy Dir. Parks and Neighborhoods, City of Memphis –> to the article

Seattle Finds New CTO in Former Ottawa CIO Saad Bashir

New Tool Gives Cities a Clearer Picture of Bikes, Pedestrians

Government CIOs focusing more on analytics — those who aren’t will ‘fall behind’

According to the report, 27 percent of government CIOs ranked artificial intelligence and machine learning as the top game-changing technology, and 22 percent ranked data analytics as the number two technology. –> to the article

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for a few good bots to help with procurement. -DARPA looks to procurement bots


New Tool from Carto: Crowdsources Traffic Solution

Article: List of US federal and state GIS data portals

A repo of local government design systems & paterns libaries

Roadmap to informed communities

We have developed a framework called Tactical Data Engagement, a process for cities to facilitate opportunities for community use of open data to improve residents’ lives. - Tools for community-centered open data

Datawrapper: Tooltips in locator maps



ODI Friday lunchtime lecture: Roza Vasileva - data and urban development in Tanzania


2019 Summer of Maps - nonprofit applications (These are due Sunday!!)

Action Canada Fellowships

Code for Canada Fellowships

Upcoming Events

  • Winter Innovation Summit on Feb 6-8 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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