Volume 1: This week in Civic Tech/Open Data

This is the first post of an effort I want to make to collect all interesting articles, visualizations and data releases from the last 7 days. I will publish them on Fridays here and will email them out.

This week has a lot of stuff in it because it is the first of the series. I’m still figuring out how to divide the content into sections. If you have suggestions, please get in touch.

At some point I might explore and add my thoughts to each visulization/article. But still figuring out my process of collecting these :)


Police response time

Which cities make it easiest to commute without a car?

Who owns England?
Visualization about Englands unregistered land.

At Minimum
Visualization about % of all U.S. hourly workers earning minimum wage or less.

Cultural Compass Map
New Interactive Online Tool Increases Knowledge about San Francisco’s Cultural Assets

Older from November:


Civic Tech/Community

Open Government/Open Data


Old video but stumpled upon this week:

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