Volume 4: This Week in Civic Tech/Open DataThis week includes data visualisations about Trees in New York, Wildfires in California, Housing in Boston and Scooters in San Diego. I’m still figuring out the best approach to it, and if you have any suggestions please let me know :) Visualizations NYC Street Tree Map This one is not totally new but worth checking out and sharing. The New York City Street Tree Map brings New York City’s urban forest to your fingertips.
Volume 3: This week in Civic Tech/Open DataVolume 3 of my weekly roundup of visualizations, news and tweets in Civic Tech. The week was packed with great civic visualiations and fewer articles. Topics include Snow Clearing in Canada, civil forfeiture in SC, Cincinatti Heroin Incidents and more.
Volume 2: This Week in Civic Tech/Open DataWeek 2 of my collection of interesting things happening around Civic Tech, Open Data and Open Government. Still working on the right formats, length and time frame. If you have suggestions please get in touch, would love to know your opinion.
Volume 1: This week in Civic Tech/Open DataThis is the first post of an effort I want to make to collect all interesting articles, visualizations and data releases from the last 7 days. I will publish them on Fridays here and will email them out. This week has a lot of stuff in it because it is the first of the series. I'm still figuring out how to divide the content into sections. If you have suggestions, please get in touch.
Louisville Bird Data publishedThe City of Louisville in Kentucky is the first city to publish Bird Scooter Data as CSV in their Open Data Portal. They updated their data three times already, so we should be in for a treat with monthly updates. We have to thank the City of Louisville and Bird for releasing data so that we can finally study how people use scooters in cities. This is just a partial analysis since we only have data for one city and only for a limited time frame.
Gov DataWhile I was developing my government funded prototype „Automated City Open Data Census“ for Germany I was so deep into scrambling with metadata that I decided to take a closer look at the types and formats that get published. So I used the CKAN API to get basic data from CKAN about licenses used, data formats and categories. A few not so supering facts are that not fully open licenes still dominate the field and PDF is the most published data format in Germany.